About Grandstories

Do you wish you could pick up a book and discover things about someone you love? Have you pondered what your own biography would look like? Then GrandStories is your answer!


GrandStories is a tool that gives everyone a chance to easily create their own biography. GrandStories poses a series of questions on a variety of topics ranging from fun facts to thought provoking questions. When completed, the biography becomes a priceless keepsake and a historical family document.


This product is made in the USA of quality cardstock. The covers are ultraviolet coated to prevent fading and to keep them durable.  The dimensions are 8.5 X 6.75 X 0.38 inches. The books are spiral bound. We donate 10% of our proceeds to charity.


Presently, we have five different covers. The content is the same in all of them.

Get your own copy and start telling your story, in your words. Seize the moment!!