We are sisters aged 10 years and 7 years. We designed GrandStories to help grandparents create a biography of themselves to be shared with their future generations.

We designed this because we were curious to know about our own grandparents:
 -  What were they like when they were young?
 -  How was school back then? 
 -  What family traditions are important to them? 

We created this book in a question and answer format. When we read the book that our grandparents completed for us, we were amazed at how much we did not know about them. My grandparents wrote about:
 - Their own life stories from the past
 - Completed an extended family tree
 - Their dreams for the future generations

Not only that, we learnt a lot about our family heritage, traditions etc.

We hope that GrandStories helps you learn more about your families, and appreciate and be proud of your own heritage!

We donate 10% of our proceeds to charities devoted to Alzheimer's Disease research.