The Creators

Hi! We are 2 sisters, Vaishali, 17, and Aishvarya, 14.

GrandStories began many years ago in the public library, where we wondered why only famous people, like Albert Einstein and Taylor Swift, had biographies. Why not our everyday heroes — our own family members and grandparents and role models?

We rushed home, devising a comprehensive list of questions that, once answered, would reveal small but precious details about a person. From family traditions to your wedding to your proudest achievement in life, the carefully-crafted questions in GrandStories serve to capture even the most intimate memories of the writer.

We live in Atlanta, Georgia, where the idea for GrandStories was born. Vaishali is a senior in high school and when she is not doing biology or calculus, loves to sing and compose music. Aishvarya is a freshman in high school, and loves to read books and listen to music.

We love hearing from others that they've learned SO MANY new and surprising things about people that were close to them and thought they knew about. Our father learned so much about his father from reading the copy of GrandStories completed by our grandfather several years ago. It is now a cherished family heirloom.

Our goal is to help others similarly capture their family lore to be remembered as keepsakes. Once you fill out your biography or receive one from someone, we'd love to hear from you too!